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Swarf Handling & Recycling

Making money of chips and meet environmental regulations


Large quantities of metal chips are produced in a high production metal working plant.

By continuous removal of the chips the productivity of the plant can be improved considerably, because the machine tool operator does not waste his time removing the chips he produces as a by-product.

An economical removal system for chips and recovery of cutting fluids does, however, require tailor-made systems.

The chips are collected and conveyed away from the machine tools by means of specially adapted conveyors. Bushy swarf is crushed to short chips. Wet chips are centrifuged \ briquetted and cutting fluids recovered and cleaned. The process should be continuous and requires a minimum of manual work.

The solution for efficient and economical chip handling will vary from company to company, depending on shop layout, chip volume and the properties of the chips.

ITL has experience and know-how to provide the solution which is most Economical just for your company, either it is a matter of single products or complete chip processing systems.



The return on investment will vary from company to company. Usually a continuous chip handling system will give very fast pay-off. The savings and profits are basically Lower labor cost, because the time-consuming manual handling involved in collecting, loading and transporting chips is eliminated.
Lower cost for cutting fluids, because the fluid in the chips can be recovered, filtered, and reused in production.


Higher price for the chips
Dry chips have a higher value in scrap markets.


Reduced storage volume
Short chips take less space taken up by handling of chips.


Improved environment


The indirect savings by improving the environment can be as important as the direct savings. When chips and cutting fluids continuously are removed from the machine tools, the work environment is improved.

The dangerous and dirty manual work connected with chip handling disappears. Dry chips will not leak fluids into the ground water.



Chips System shorten Review and terminology


Swarf bin:

Swarf bin.The bin is the existing chips bin used by customer to collect chips
from the machine. In order to use them, bins must be std. and
retrofitted to be suitable with the system.


Skip Hoist:
The system is used to turn over full chip bins and empty them into feed conveyor
or a holding " Silo". The system is surrounded with safety guards and an access
door. Door is used to locate the chips bin in the skip hoist. After closing door
and pressing system start , skip hoist lift and empty the chips into the feed 
conveyor or holding Silo. Empty bin is lowered back and its ready to for
recollection next time.


Feed conveyor or holding Silo:
System is used to interface between the chips bins and any other possible unit.
The conveyor feed step by step under control chips to next stage.


Bar end separator:

It is used to remove tramp metals from the chips before they enter process
system and damage it. Removed parts are collected in a separate collection bin.



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Swarf Handling & Recycling
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